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On August 24, 2016
The MMPR was replaced by the ACMPR
(Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations)


What does this mean for you?
You now have the choice to purchase or grow!


If you are currently registered with a licensed producer or wish to be registered with an LP to purchase your medical marijuana there are two changes only:

  • As per the 2015 decision R. v. Smith you can now purchase dried herb, fresh herb or cannabis oil.
  •  You will be allowed to alter your marijuana into oil, or other products (such as edibles).


 If you wish to grow - or have somone grow for you:

  • You will need a medical document from a licensed Physician (this is similar to a prescription).
  • You must then register with Health Canada for permission to grow.
    • If designating someone to grow for you, they must also register.
    • Designated persons can only produce for a maximum of 2 people including themselves.
  • Registration will require a medical document, as well as details about storage, production transportation etc.
    • Designated growers will also need to provide a 10 year police background check.
  • Once registration is complete with Health Canada you will receive a Certificate of Registration and a Document outlining the growing activities allowed.
    • Health Canada will determine the amount of plants you are allowed to grow based on your dosage levels outlined in your medical document.
    • In general dosage of 1 gram per day will mean you can grow 2 outdoor OR 5 indoor plants.
  • You will then register with a Licensed Producer to purchase an interim supply of medical cannabis as well as your starter growing supplies (seeds or plants).
    • You will only be able to purchase this ONE interim supply.
    • If the quantity of plants you are growing does not meet your dosage requirements you can NOT grow more.
    • If the quantity of plants you are growing exceeds your dosage requirements you MUST destroy the excess as per methods determined by Health Canada.
  • An individual can possess cannabis for medical purposes from BOTH a licensed producer and from his/her own production (or designated production) if he/she obtained a separate medical document for each supply. The maximum amount that may be possessed by any individual is still the lesser of 30 times the daily amount indicated by his/her health care practitioner, or 150 grams of dried marijuana (or its equivalent).
  • Growing locations will have to follow standard regulations for zoning bylaws etc., as well as custom regulations for safely and securely storing products away from the general public and especially persons under the age of 18.
  • Growers will be responsible for safe use of pesticides and prevention of molds and bacteria - however you will be able to send samples out for testing by 3rd parties. This testing could include determining THC/CBD content, microbial testing, testing for heavy metals or other contaminants, other chemical analyses.
  • If you wish to discontinue growing so you may purchase your supply from a licensed producer, you must cancel your registration to grow (with your current Licensed Producer and Health Canada), get a new medical document and begin again with your registration with a Licensed Producer.

Storefronts selling marijuana, commonly known as "dispensaries" or "compassion clubs" are not authorized to sell cannabis for medical or any other purposes. These operations are illegally supplied, and provide products that are unregulated and may be unsafe. Illegal storefront distribution and sale of cannabis in Canada are subject to law enforcement action.

Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations

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