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Ottawa bringing in stricter limits on medical marijuana for veterans

Veterans Affairs Minister Kent Hehr plans to scale back the limit for reimbursement from 10 grams of medical marijuana per day to three. He made the announcement at the Canadian Military and Veteran Health Research Forum in Vancouver.

Veterans will be allowed to continue charging for their current amount until May 21, 2017. There will also be an exception for veterans in "exceptional circumstances." A psychiatrist, pain specialist, oncologist or other health specialist would have to submit an application explaining the rationale for a larger quantity.

In another cost-control measure, the department will set a dollar limit of $8.50 per gram that licensed producers can charge, based on what it sees as "fair market value."

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PTSD Is an Approved Condition for Medical Marijuana.

Blue Cross insurance covers 100% of the costs of
medical marijuana for Veterans for up to 3 grams per day.

Many of the legal medical marijuana provinces in Canada, such as Ontario, have PTSD listed as an approved condition for medical cannabis. Recent clinical research has supported the positive effects cannabis has with reduced PTSD symptoms.

“Many PTSD patients report symptom reduction with cannabis”
-Dr. George Greer

Because of the increased knowledge surrounding medical marijuana for Veterans and its effects on anxiety and depression, there is a growing use of medical marijuana amongst Veterans to treat their PTSD symptoms to better help them cope with life after conflict.

"When I was diagnosed with PTSD, it was probably the most frustrating time of my life. Not only was it stressful dealing with my illness, but I also had no one to talk to, no medical professionals to help me with my meds, and no where to turn for help or resources.”
-Trev Bungay CD, Vice President Veteran Relations, Trauma Healing Centers

Our educators will walk you through the endocannabinoid system, medical cannabis properties, THC and CBD ratios, selecting medical cannabis strains from a Licensed Producer, dosage tracking, routes of consumption, legalities and they will share many additional resources with your patient. The ultimate goal is to have a patient prepared and feeling comfortable as they begin this new journey to wellness.

"I'm trying to draw attention to the fact that the RCMP fails to have a program in place for proper PTSD screening for their members and proper information for their families."
-Cpl. Ron Francis

At MMPR Counselling we are here to advocate for knowledge and to support all Veterans to ensure they feel comfortable and confident as they move forward. We understand this is a last resort medical option for many, therefore, it must be handled professionally to ensure desirable outcomes are achieved.

“From April to December of 2015, veterans' insurance plan covered $12.1 million worth of medical cannabis for 1,320 veterans.”     -Rachel Browne, Vice News

Veterans can rest assured that, as with our affiliate services, our services and all products purchased from the Licensed Producers will be 100% covered by their Veterans insurance.

In order for a client to be eligible, you must first have coverage with VAC. A client approved for Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) treatment benefits may have A, B or A/B coverage. For clients with A-line coverage, the need for medical marijuana must be related to the client's pensioned or awarded disability condition. For clients with B-line coverage, coverage may be in relation to any health condition but can not replace any coverage offered by provincial health care plan, if available. Medical marijuana is not currently covered under the Rehabilitation Program.

We highly recommend you speak with your Veterans Affairs representative prior to this process to ensure the process is handled effectively. 

In order for VAC to review the request, we must receive a request in writing which includes:
A copy of the completed medical document as required under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) A copy of the completed and confirmed registration with a Licensed Producers, and The client's name and Client ID number (K number).
This request must be submitted to:

Veterans Affairs Canada
Special Authorization Centre
PO Box 6200, STN LCD 1
Moncton, NB   E1C 8R2 

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