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Our Counselling Service:

When managed properly, Medical Marijuana is an effective, alternative medicine for chronic pain and other severe diseases. At MMPR Counselling, we offer everyone additional education on their medical cannabis prescription.

Our educators will walk you through the endocannabinoid system, medical cannabis properties, THC and CBD ratios, selecting medical cannabis strains from a Licensed Producer, dosage tracking, routes of consumption, legalities and they will share many additional resources with you.

There are many types of cannabis – called strains. Each strain offers unique effects, medical uses and results, based on its compounds – the cannabinoids and terpenes it produces. Through experience, we have learned that the process can seem very overwhelming to many. Traditionally you fill prescriptions through a pharmacy, where they have a pharmacist to act as an extension of the physician’s guidance. The educator at MMPR Counselling, is that extension for you.

The ultimate goal is to have you prepared and feeling
comfortable as you begin this new journey to wellness.

We are here to advocate for knowledge and to support you to ensure you feel comfortable and confident as you move forward. We understand this is a last resort medical option for many, therefore, it must be handled professionally to ensure desirable outcomes are achieved.

To get started today, use the form to the right or give us a call at 416-413-9434.

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